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Maximize the performance and get your system running at its peak potential.

How much drop in Temps could I expect?2020-02-11T06:37:06+00:00

Every laptop varies due to its specs and heat sink design, but on average with Liquid Metal, one could see an improvement in temps anywhere between 8C-30C. On average it’s very common for our clients to see a 10C-15C in improvements. With laptops where you have a wide core differential of 20C-30C, you’ll see a dramatic difference with not only the thermals, but also much tighter core differentials among your cores. The reason for the wide core differentials is due to the uneven heat sink, where it’s not making good contact with the cpu and gpu. It’s also important to note that when seeing very low CPU temps, “stock” in the range of 50C-60C, it’s likely due to the system thermal throttling, which means that it’s not running at its full potential. Therefore, seeing such low temps can be very misleading. After a proper repaste using LM, the temps will be in respect to the laptops overall heat sink design and its ability to dissipate heat. This also means that your system will be running at higher clocks with temps that are more in line than before, but that is because the system is now running at its full potential. – It’s all about realistic expectations and that’s something we try to make sure everyone understands the reality vs the misconceptions found on the internet. We respect full disclosure.

I’m ready to get my laptop running right, what’s next?2020-02-11T08:36:04+00:00

Send us an email, we’ll get back to you with a quote and off we go. The whole process is very efficient and like clock work. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients, therefore even when it comes to shipping, send us the weight and dimension of the box and we’ll send you a quote for that too. Next, just let us know which shipping option you’d like to go with and we’ll create a pre-paid label and send it over with the work order details. Print the label, slap it on the box and drop it off at your nearest FedEx/Acceptance Location and you’re set.


How much does it cost to…2020-02-11T08:40:38+00:00

Our model is to tailor each work order to the uniqueness of each service being requested. Please contact us for a quote by filling out the form on the left and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can.

Is Liquid Metal Safe?2020-02-10T14:05:30+00:00

Yes if applied properly. Although Liquid Metal is highly conductive there is nothing that comes close to its performance for dissipating heat. Liquid Metal should not be used on any aluminum surfaces. Copper and Nickel surfaces are perfectly fine.

What is Liquid Metal?2020-02-11T06:13:04+00:00

Liquid Metal (LM) is a thermal compound based on a eutectic alloy that consists of a special blend of metals consisting of; tin, gallium and indium. LM is used in applications that require very high efficiency. The LM of choice that we use is Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut for repastes and delids.(Thermal Conductivity: 73 W/mk, Viscosity: 0.0021 Pas, Density: 6.24g/cm3, Temperature: 10C/+140C.)

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